Ancho Chile

This deep reddish brown chile pepper has a pungent yet sweet flavor and is the mildest of the dried chile pepper family. The ancho pepper is used in many Hispanic and Mexican dishes as well as the ever growing and popular Southwest style of cooking. In its fresh, green state the ancho is referred to as a poblano pepper.

Chili Pepper
Ground Ancho Type

This domestic ground chili mix is predominately made with ground ancho chile peppers. It is 100% pure chili peppers and has the deep reddish brown color so often associated with the Ancho Chile.

Chili Pepper
Ground Chipotle

Quickly becoming the most popular of the chili pepper family, this smoked version of the jalapeno chile is wonderfully smoky and warm in flavor with a nice bit of heat. Dark red in color, ground chipotle is a must-have for every kitchen enthusiast.

Chili Pepper
Ground Guajillo Type

It is a domestic ground chili pepper mix which is predominately made with the ground guajillo chile pepper. It is a slightly hotter than the ground ancho, and it packs a big, fruity flavor.

Chili Pepper
Ground Jalapeno

Probably the most popular of the chile pepper family, this ground version is hot and fiery. It is light green in color and heavy on flavor.

Chili Pepper
Diced Jalapeno

These jalapeno peppers may be only a quarter inch in size, but they are full of "The Jalapeno Flavor". Hot, spicy, fresh, and green, they can and are substituted for fresh jalapenos in many types of cooking.



Guajillo Chile

This shiny,dark reddish orange skinned chile is long and skinny in size. The guajillo is a bit hotter than the ancho; it usually needs to be soaked in water longer than most chiles. The flavorful guajillo is used many sauces and entrees alike.

Chili Powder, Light

It is the lightest in color of the three different chili powders that we carry, but far from the lightest in flavor. This bright red chili powder is a blend of chili peppers, cumin, garlic, and spices; it is perfect for making enchiladas.

Chili Powder, Medium

It is slightly darker in color than our light Chili Powder and has a slightly more intense chili pepper flavor. Extremely mild in heat, Medium Chili Powder is our most popular chili powder.

Chili Powder, Dark

This dark reddish brown Chili Powder is a powerful blend of ground ancho chile, cumin, oregano, garlic, and spices. Mild in heat, this Chili Powder packs a huge punch of flavor and color.


We carry a variety of different paprika. It originates from Spain to South Africa, from Peru to Morocco, with each area having its own special characteristics of flavor and color. Most paprika is sweet to semi-sweet in flavor, although there are some that are quite fiery and pungent. Our paprika comes in 85, 100, 120 & 140 Asta.

Red Pepper
Ground Cayenne

Ground red peppers are most commonly referred to as cayenne pepper, although different peppers are ground to form different degrees of heat. We carry four different types of ground red peppers, 20,000 HU (heat units), 40,000 HU, 60,000 HU and 90,000 HU. Reddish orange in color, these products are extremely hot and fiery and are used in many types of cuisine.

Red Pepper, Crushed

More commonly referred to as "Pizza Pepper," these flakes of red pepper are both spicy and flavorful. Our Crushed Red Pepper range in heat from 30,000 HU to 45,000 HU.