Dehydrated Vegetables and Fruits

Granulated Garlic

Like its powdered cousin, we carry both domestic and imported origins and, also like the powdered version, it has the unmistakable fragrance of this most popular of food ingredients. The major difference in the granulated and powdered garlic is the mesh size. While garlic powder has a baby powder (100 mesh) consistency, the Granulated Garlic is almost twice as coarse and has a salt-like (50 mesh) granule.

Lemon Peel Granules

These tidbits of lemon peel are fresh and fragrant. The tiny granules of the most flavorful part of the lemon are perfect in sauces and tropical like cuisine specialties. Lemon Peel Granules are the same size as the carrot and orange versions that we carry.

Orange Peel Granules

Just like their lemon counterpart, these beautifully fragrant and citrus morsels are a special ingredient that any "foody" would love to have in their spice rack. It is perfect for combining with black pepper and garlic to create an original fish or poultry rub.

Onion, Chopped & Minced

These versions of dehydrated onions are perfect in sauces, meat loaves, and hamburgers, as well as, stews and soups. With the Chopped being slightly larger in size than the Minced, these intensely flavored products work well with our Diced Green Bells and Cut Celery in creating the "Trinity", the ever important flavor base of Cajun and Creole cuisines.

Onion, Granulated

Much the same in size as our Granulated Garlic, this form of onion is another kitchen staple of many types of cuisines. Primarily used in spice rubs and blends, there is no limit to the creative uses of this ever popular and fragrant spice.

Garlic Powder

Both in its domestic and imported origins, our garlic powder is fragrant and fluffy white. A staple in any kitchen, garlic has been associated in both medicinal and culinary uses for centuries.

Onion Powder

Probably the most flavorful and fragrant version of dehydrated onion that we carry. This domestic product can be used as a fresh onion substitute in any type dish.

Spinach Powder

This finely ground version of spinach is perfect in making spinach flavored pasta. Just add it to flour and eggs to make a delicious spinach fettuccine.

Tomato Powder

Much like its spinach counterpart, Tomato Powder is a perfect ingredient in making flavored home-made pastas.

Wasabi Powder

Fast becoming a popular ingredient in both Nouveau American and Pacific Rim cuisines, this domestic Wasabi Powder is a true gourmet delight. Its horseradish-like heat and flavor, and soft green color are a wonderful compliment to potatoes, sauces, meats, and fish.

Bell Peppers, Diced Red

They are so fresh that you will think that they were just diced. These diced red bells are one quarter inch in size and pack a mouthful of flavor. They are perfect for sauces, dressings, and baked or sautéed dishes.

Bell Peppers, Diced Green

Like our Diced Red Bells, these sweet quarter inch pieces of green bell peppers are the perfect ingredient for any Cajun or Creole soups and stews; and like our red bells, they are perfect in baked and sautéed dishes.

Bell Peppers, Fieldrun

It is a combination of both our diced red and green bell peppers.

Bell Peppers, Red Granules

They are the same as the diced red bell peppers, only smaller in size.

Bell Peppers, Green Granules

You can't mistake the freshness of these green bells and like the Red Bell Granules, both products are 8 + 40 mesh size.

Carrot Granules

These small sweet pieces of carrot are perfect in all types of cooking, from sauces to side dishes. Our carrot granules are also 8 + 40 mesh.

Celery, Cut

These are quarter inch cuts of celery. It goes well with our Green Bell Peppers in all kinds of Cajun and Creole dishes.


They are freeze-dried to perfection. Chives are one of our most popular gourmet food items. Perfect as a topping for potatoes as well as soups and stews, these fragrant little pieces are any creative cook's best friend.