Brown Sugar Cure

This cure is blended with both brown and white sugars. It works great for curing hams. Our Brown Sugar Cure has .85% sodium nitrite.

Sweet Sugar Ham Cure

The perfect amount of salt and sugar is blended in this cure, which is primarily used in curing hams, also. Sweet Sugar Ham Cure has .85% sodium nitrite.

Maple Sugar Cure

A blend of maple, sugar, and salt are combined to create this wonderfully flavorful cure. It is good also for curing hams and bacon. This cure has .85% sodium nitrite.

Modern Cure

This cure is commonly referred to as Prague Powder or Instant Cure. Our Modern Cure is slightly pink in color and has 6.25% sodium nitrite.

Complete Cure with Sugar

This cure works great on jerky and has .85% sodium nitrite.