Smoked Sausage Blends

Garlic Summer Sausage

This sausage seasoning is one of our most requested sausage blends. This mixture of garlic, black pepper, onion, and spices makes for a summer sausage second to none.

Chipotle Summer Sausage

It's a Southwest version of our Garlic Summer Sausage blend. All the same great flavors with a Texas touch of chipotle pepper make this a truly original sausage blend.

Hill Country Smoked Sausage

This sausage blend combines black pepper, garlic, paprika, sugar, oregano, and a touch of cayenne pepper to create another popular sausage seasoning. It has become a tradition in the Hill Country!

Pepperoni Sausage

This spice blend will give genuine pepperoni flavor to your beef, pork, and/or venison sausage. The perfect mixture of garlic, anise, red pepper, black pepper, and spices will give you the flavor of Italy!

Texas Smoked Sausage

This Texas favorite is a hunter's dream. Our blend of garlic, peppers, and spices is perfect for beef, pork and venison, alike, making it a favorite of the Texas meat industry.

Texas Hot Smoke Sausage

Like its predecessor, this blend is a proven winner among hunters and butchers, alike. It has the same great flavor as our regular smoked sausage blend, but we kick it up a big Texas notch with cayenne and crushed red peppers.

Smoked Jalapeno Sausage

This blend of garlic, black pepper, spices, diced, and powdered jalapeno peppers will turn any ground meat into a truly gourmet smoked link sausage.

Bohemian Sausage

The perfect marriage of garlic and black pepper with a hint of mustard and red pepper is mixed together to create one of our most popular sausage blends. This enormously favorite spice mixture is perfect for beef, pork, and venison.